Major improvement necessary

Greenway Hall Golf Club

Stanley Road, Stockton Brook, ST9 9LJ

Inspected on: 11/06/2015

Reference: MOOR-5175

Local Authority: Staffordshire Moorlands District Council

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Food Hygiene and Safety: 10 hazard points

Structure and Cleaning: 10 hazard points

Confidence in Management: 20 hazard points

Rating: 1 - Major improvement necessary (Major improvement necessary)

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Tel: 01782 503158


Response from the business

We are exercising our 'right to reply' to the food hygiene rating given, following our recent kitchen, bar and cellar inspection on 11 June, and understand this letter will be published alongside our report.

Our new rating relates to the documentation and record keeping for a recently introduced and precise cooking method 'Sous Vide' and is not in any way indicative of the usual high standards and practices and procedures adhered to in our kitchen. It was explained to us by the Environmental Officer that the high marks allocated under the official scoring system for each of the three categories measured are due to the lack of demonstrable paperwork for this cooking technique alone.

Myself, our Senior Management Team and our Head Chef, Joe Bailey, were extremely distressed and concerned by the report and wish to confirm and reassure our customers that all concerns and actions listed were actioned immediately.
We understand Greenway Hall is the only known restaurant in Staffordshire Moorlands using the Sous Vide cooking technique and the first establishment to have this process reviewed by the Environmental Health Officer. We met you and your Inspector on 25 June 2015 to ensure all points raised in your report were addressed and clarified and continue to work closely together. We are indebted to your advice and support with regards to ensuring our risk assessment documentation and verification process are correct and meet all necessary requirements in this specialist cooking method.

However, we feel it is important for the general public, who are likely to be unaware of or unfamiliar with the technique 'Sous Vide', to understand the reasons behind our decision to introduce it into our kitchen.
Sous vide cooking method is used by all the top chefs and kitchens in the world. It is widely regarded as one of the greatest advancements in cooking techniques in decades.

Our Head Chef has serious ambitions to reach the top of his profession and introduced Sous Vide because he feels it is simply the best method of cooking to guarantee consistency and perfectly cooked food, retaining all moisture and flavours and essential nutrients - unlike no other. It can also be a very hygienic and safe way to cook due to precise cooking times and temperatures and vacuum sealed produce.
We acknowledge that 'in house' verification of the Sous Vide process and documentation relating to our recipes prepared using the Sous Vide technique had not been completed. We would like to confirm that our Head Chef had researched thoroughly correct temperatures and cooking times to ensure pasteurisation. We can reassure people that all of our cooking processes using the sous vide machine are now in line with current Food Standard Agency guidelines.

In our 4 years of tenure we have only had very positive direct feedback from our clients relating to the high quality of our food and presentation. Our growth and excellent reputation within the local area speaks for itself.
Concerning the reported shortage of work surface space within the kitchen at the time of inspection we make the following observations.
Our kitchen was extended and completely refurbished 3 years ago and fitted out with all new high grade commercial equipment. An additional work surface was purchased specifically for the main Sous Vide equipment.
Customers are welcome to visit our kitchen and meet our chefs, who will be delighted to answer any query they may have with a particular recipe or cooking process. Please contact a member of staff.

We are a forward thinking establishment embracing the latest and innovative food techniques and processes. We will continue to work closely with the Environmental Health Office to ensure any new techniques receive full compliance and sign off.

Greenway Hall is committed to operating to the highest standards of hygiene and food preparation and are confident that a 5 star rating will be achieved on the requested inspection revisit. (Although we understand it is not possible now to jump immediately to this level and will be held at 4 stars for a short period pending a further inspection).

Plans have been registered with Staffordshire Moorlands Planning Department to extend the Clubhouse and Dining Area and these will also include a kitchen re-design and extension. Naturally we will take this opportunity to expand and enhance our food preparation areas.

In conclusion - all action points were addressed within 1 week of the Inspector's visit. We are proud to be the only restaurant within the Staffordshire Moorlands who use the Sous Vide cooking technique and are confident that our next inspection will show our Sous Vide documentation, processes, controls and verification are fully compliant with all good practice and legislation and will withstand the closest scrutiny. The Sous Vide technique is critical to our restaurant's continued success as we believe facilitates the closest thing to achieving food perfection and allows extra creativity to produce delicious and highly nutritious dishes. It will help us achieve our ultimate goal which is rosette accreditation for our food and dining experience.

We look welcome our revisit from The Environmental Health Officer in the very near future.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Debbie Burton


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